Peer Gynt: The Man, The Journey

Theatre Simpson has been traveling this semester (figuratively speaking) with Henrik Ibsen’s epic character Peer Gynt.  When Ibsen wrote Peer Gynt he wasn’t necessarily thinking about it for production–as written it would probably be a seven hour theatrical experience.  Tom Woldt, theatre department chair, undertook the challenge to adapt and direct this play.  Woldt has shortened the play and modernized it.  The finishing touches are being put on in the final technical rehearsals preparing for the first audience on March 16.  Yes, indeed, the trolls are coming. Image

Peer Gynt is the story of one man’s journey to find ‘self.’ Along the way he finds trolls and Egyptian dancers, crashes a couple boats, gains riches and loses them again, and finds true love. The process for making this show has been much like Peer’s journey as the production team and performers search for the best and most interesting ways to tell this story to the audience.

And interesting it will be (we can’t tell you exactly what will happen because that will spoil the surprises) but the audience is guaranteed to be amazed as Peer is as he enters new lands.  Tom Woldt, mentioned that he  “really enjoyed staging some of the interesting and unusual scenes that the people will see, now if you’re going to ask what the hardest part of the process was I will say the same thing [chuckle] hardest but also most fun.”  The costume designer, Laura Perkins, said, “My favorite part of the show is the wicked big dress, if you don’t know what that is come see the show and you will. It was fun figuring out with the set designer, Amber Miller, her assistant, Shelby Burgus, and the scene shop supervisor, Rick Goetz,  how we would make it and how to use it on stage.” A student, Ali Simpson, said, “One of my favorite things is how much Tom brought out each actors special talents, we have live music, some dancers, acrobatics, and so much more.”

So come join us at Theatre Simpson this weekend, where you will be reminded that life is a journey. March 16-17 at 7:30 p.m. and March 18 at 1:00 p.m.

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