BPAC open for business

There is a light breeze blowing through Indianola on this unseasonably warm fall day.  We have had an extended dry spell and the building project is moving along smoothly.  At least from the vantage point of outside the fence it all looks smooth.  I can’t speak for the construction workers who have to scale dirt and concrete walls to make it all happen. 

Classes at Simpson have been in session for six weeks now and, even under construction, Blank Performing Arts Center is open for business.  While there has been the occasional inconvenience of strange loud noises, and an influx of visitors crossing through the lobby looking for a short cut to the other side of campus, business is operating as usual.  Classes are in full swing, the technical shops are busy building and creating, and rehearsals are lively.  All we need now is an audience to walk through the doors for the first Theatre Simpson production of the season

Harold Pinter’s Betrayal, opens in the Barnum Studio Theatre tonight.  Pinter’s play is an intense exploration of relationships and the shattering effects of betrayal on individual lives.  The intimate space of the Barnum Studio Theatre is an ideal environment for this play. 

Robert, Emma, and Jerry--the love triangle in Harold Pinter's Betrayal

The construction workers are anxiously awaiting the opening and the closing of our production of Betrayal.  (It closes on Oct. 17 with a 1:00 performance.)  This is because once the stage is struck they will break through the south wall of Barnum Studio Theatre to add a new entrance into the space.  This new entrance will allow patrons who require the use of an elevator to have the opportunity to attend productions in Barnum.  After all, theatre is incomplete without an audience, and at Theatre Simpson we want to make it accessible for the entire community.

Tickets for Betrayal are available at http://simpson.tix.com.  Performances are Oct. 8-9 and 15-16 at 7:30 p.m. and Oct. 10 and 17 at 1:00 p.m.  Contact the Theatre Simpson box office at 515.961.1601 for more information.

Actors Chris Williams, Natalie Hining, and Ethan Newman